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Homer Harbor Expansion

Envisioning a Port for Homer's Present and Future

Breaking News!

The Homer Harbor Expansion Study funding now included in both the USACE FY24 Work Plan and U.S. Presidential Budget for FY25!

Staying the course: the Study is on track to complete planned and approved geophysical work during summer 2024.

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Envisioning a Harbor for Homer’s Present and Future

As Homer’s picturesque harbor continues to flourish, the need for harbor expansion has become more apparent than ever. With a commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Kachemak Bay and fostering a sustainable environment for future generations, we must work together to expand and modernize our harbor while helping to ensure that our hard-working community and the Kachemak Bay environment thrive.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has launched a 3-year study to assess the feasibility of building a new harbor basin for large vessels adjacent to the existing small boat harbor. The study will address environmental considerations in addition to economics and engineering feasibility. The City of Homer (the City) is simultaneously identifying and evaluating the services and infrastructure needed should an expansion be recommended by the study. The goal is to identify a realistic, right-sized solution to meet the needs of the large-vessel industry in Alaska and thoughtfully plan for future flexibility.

An expansion would include a basin and support infrastructure to adequately accommodate the large marine vessels presently tied three abreast on the transient float in the small boat harbor, as well as other large vessels that wish to home port here but are currently turned away because there is no room. The City is at risk of losing vessels in the harbor, which could have negative economic consequences, including job loss and reduced revenues. An expanded harbor facility could also moor the Coast Guard Cutter Aspen and potentially provide short-term moorage for the Coast Guard’s new fast cutter fleet for layover, provisioning, and repair work. If the USACE study results in a recommendation to proceed, the City will then decide whether to launch an effort to secure sources of funding and construct a harbor expansion.

How Can You Help?

The City is committed to keeping the community informed as the study progresses and providing a robust opportunity for your input and feedback throughout the planning and design process. We encourage you to get involved!

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